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Stainless Steel Strainer


This stainless strainer is very easy to use; simply place this crescent-shaped pan strainer over the pot, catching it on the rim, and pour the hot water out. Ideal for straining liquids from pots w...

Kitchen Filter Gadget


No more dumping your noodles through a different sieve to remove the water, only to pack them back into the original pot. Or no more crookedly putting the lid on to make a small slit for the water ...

Olive Oil Spray Bottle

$14.99 $15.99

This Oil Sprayer is cleverly designed, one-of-a-kind, and easy to use. With this versatile Oil Sprayer, you can use less cooking oil and spray more evenly, resulting in less greasy and more delicio...

Multifunction Chopping Board with Drain


If you enjoy cooking but are short on time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate practical accessories into your daily life that will allow you to complete recipes in record tim...

German Chicken Bone Scissor


A multipurpose scissor that is perfect for use at home and in the kitchen. Our scissors have razor-sharp blades that quickly cut through meat and bones. The spring-loaded heavy-duty handles are one...

Multi Layers Kitchen Scissor


Say goodbye to tedious chopping and chopping with the most useful, fun kitchen gadget ever. Our Multi Layers Kitchen Scissor is the ideal cooking tool for easily cutting herbs and vegetables. The s...

Stainless Steel Meatball Maker

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It's the perfect meatball. Our Stainless Steel Meatball Maker keeps your hands from getting all gooey while creating perfect little meatballs for your favorite pasta dishes. This meatball maker is ...

Multi-purpose Garlic Presser


This Multi-purpose Garlic Presser is an excellent kitchen tool. A simple method for grating garlic and ginger for grilling, baking, or frying. Slice and grate the garlic and ginger with ease, makin...

Kitchen Multifunctional Gadget


Cooking will be easier with our Kitchen Multifunctional Gadget; simply choose the blade and lightly mash the vegetables you want to cut, and that's it; no more cutting, no more mistakes, just great...

Three-in-one Vegetable Peeler


This multifunctional three-in-one device for cutting and peeling features extremely sharp stainless steel blades that will last a long time. You will save space and have three peeling knives at the...

Multi-function Vegetable Cutter


You may save 70 percent on prep time and avoid watering eyes while chopping onions with this 9 IN 1Multi-function Vegetable Cutter. It's made for cutting veggies quickly, easily, and safely. Juicin...

Kitchen Tool Magic Slicer


No more wasting time in the kitchen chopping, grinding or slicing food. With just a touch, you can cut, slice, and chop all veggies, fruits, nuts, and cheese with our Kitchen Tool Magic Slicer. It'...

Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer


Professionally prepare your dishes with this manual vegetable slicer, a must-have in any kitchen, and a multifunctional cutter for potatoes, cheese, and other vegetables. Made of food-grade stainl...

Fressti Pro Aid Chopper


Product Info Package Size: 15.7*15.7*29.8CM Weight: 600g  Capacity: 1200ML Color: As Shown Operation Mode: Manual Use & Care Dishwasher-safe.

Next-Gen Peeler 4-In-1

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Product Info  Material: Stainless Steel  Size: 18*8.5cm Weight: 80g Next-Gen Peeler : Thin slicer, peeler, vegetable noodle-cutter, stem remover.  Use & Care  Dishwasher-Safe.